Forget Hot Yoga, Goat Yoga is the new wave

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Roughly an hour and a half away from Seattle, and just outside of Snohomish, lies The Wobbly Ranch. This refuge for the odd ducks of the goat world also happens to offer Goat Yoga, and we can’t wait to try it out.

The first hour of the experience is devoted to, well, yoga. A trained yoga instructor leads participants through the poses, with one twist. Well, maybe a couple, depending on how many goats decide to jump on you during the session.

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goat yoga

While you can ask to not be interfered with during the session, we can’t think of anything more lighthearted than a goat lightly tugging at our shirts or finding a perch on our back during tabletop.

After the session is over, guests have another to just hang out with the goats at the farm, learning about the good work that the Wobbly Ranch tries to do. Inspired by trying to find a place for their first goat, Trippy, the Wobbly Ranch now provides shelter to goats that have developmental problems, physical ailments, and anything else that might affect them at a regular ranch.

Honestly, we can’t think of a better way to spend our money.

Goat Yoga at The Wobbly Ranch

When: Multiple sessions weekly
Where: 7022 153rd Avenue SE, Snohomish
Cost: $35, get them here

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