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Guide: Seattle’s great dive bars Pt. 1

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Neighborhood haunts, dive bars, watering-holes, taverns- no matter what you call ’em, Seattle has ’em. As nice as it is to go try out the latest cocktails or sip some vino on a roof somewhere, it shouldn’t be all you do. That’s where these neighborhood haunts come into play. You know the ones we’re talking about. These are the spots that have stood the test of time, are great places to cool down after work, or are the best for when you need a ‘dive’ experience. Now, there are too many great Seattle dive bars for us to line up into a single list, so we’re going to chop this up into a few

Here are some great Seattle dive bars to check out any night of the week.



shortys seattle

This Coney Island-themed spot is now a Seattle institution. Lots of clown art, a great selection of hot dogs, and cheap beers get the ball rolling. Then, get your quarters out for the wide array of pinball and arcade games available to play.

Hours: Daily, 12PM-2AM
Where: 2222 2nd Avenue

5-Point Cafe

5 point cafe

Although a 24-hour diner, we’re including the historic, 1929 built 5-Point Cafe in this list. Happy hour is twice daily Monday to Friday. That means you can grab a mimosa before work and a beer afterward, for the low price of $7 total.

Hours: Open 24/7
Where: 415 Cedar Street

Quarter Lounge

quarter lounge

The classic neighbourhood joint, Quarter Lounge is an unassuming spot to grab a pint and shoot some pool. The best parts about this spot are the extended happy hour (3-7PM daily) and the fact that you can order in delivery, making it the most diverse menu in Seattle.

Hours: Daily, 3PM-2AM
Where: 909 Madison Street

Capitol Hill

Montana Bar

montana bar

A punk(ish) spot in Capitol Hill that started the trend of cocktails on tap. The best is definitely the Moscow Mule, but you can’t go wrong with any of the others available. Alternatively, grab a can of Olympia and just hang out.

Hours: Daily, 4PM-2AM
Where: 1506 E Olive Way

Speckled & Drake

speckled and drake

A small, duck-themed bar at the edge of Capitol Hill but close to downtown. Sure, why not? Head here for stiff, well-priced drinks and a low key vibe. Also a great spot for one nightcap after a late dinner.

Hours: Daily, 4PM-2AM
Where: 1355 E Olive Way

University District

Duchess Tavern

duchess tavern

Ok, this is on the outskirts of the University District (it’s in Ravenna), but it’s close enough to count. The real attraction of this college classic dive bar is the shuffleboard- the great beers on tap and the food is a bonus.

Hours: Monday to Friday, 3PM-2AM, Saturday, 12:30PM-2AM and Sunday, 3PM-12AM
Where: 2827 NE 55th Street

Blue Moon Tavern

blue moon tavernAn institution when it comes to the counterculture. These days are a little tamer, but still, expect great events and a solid experience. The Blue Moon turns 85 this year, impressive as hell for a Seattle dive bar. Hey, why don’t you help them celebrate by stopping by? First one’s on us.

Hours: Monday to Friday, 4PM-2AM and Saturday/Sunday, 2PM-2AM
Where: 712 NE 45th Street


Mike’s Chilli Parlor

mikes chili parlor

You know you’ve got something special when you:
-are almost 100 years old
-made your name serving chili
-only allow people 21 or over in
And that’s Mike’s in a nutshell.

Hours: Monday to Thursday, 11AM-11PM, Friday, 11AM-12AM, Saturday, 12PM-12AM and Sunday, 12PM-6PM
Where: 1447 NW Ballard Way

The Sloop Tavern

sloop tavern

Another Ballard staple, the Sloop Tavern is a classic Ballard pub experience. The best part? You only need one beer here, because the Sloopersize mug is 34oz of Rainier for $6. Is this a Seattle dive bar? Sure, but it’s also one of the best deals in town. Don’t sell the Sloop short, people.

Hours: Monday/Wednesday to Sunday, 11AM-2AM and Tuesday, 11AM-1AM
Where: 2830 NW Market Street

And that’s our guide of Seattle dive bars to check out! For now, at least. Stay tuned for our second part where we explore more great neighborhood dives, haunts, and places to wet your whistle. Cheers!

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