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Guide: 12 of Seattle’s Best BBQ Joints

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Listen up, BBQ fiends, Seattle has long been a sweet-spot for succulent meats, smoked platters, and sizzling slices of just about anything, so we might as well list out some of our favorites! From classic joints to new gems, the PNW has become a northern haven for southern eats. With all of that in mind, here are some of the best BBQ spots in Seattle that we just can’t get enough of. Enjoy!

Jack’s BBQ

jack's bbq seattle seattle's best bbq

With a new location on South Lake Union, Jack’s BBQ is expanding its meat-loving reach all around Seattle’s BBQ scene. Join us for a dish or ten at the popular lunchtime buffet. We might forget our wallet but we won’t forget our appetite, so we’re still pretty good company.

Where: 228 9th Ave N

Hole in the Wall BBQ


Don’t let the name of this Seattle BBQ joint fool ya, this is a gem that ain’t so hidden. For nearly 30 years this not-so-secret Seattle fave has been serving up BBQ delights of all sorts. Come for the grub, stay for the Southern-Pacific-Northwestern hospitality, then stay for more grub. Coming from the nearby business district and are too busy making deals to sit down for a bite? No stress, pardner, service is lightning fast.

Where: 215 James St

Wood Shop BBQ


A casual Seattle BBQ joint with classic sandwiches, ribs, and sides galore. Sounds like a winner to us! Everything at The Wood Shop is done the old-fashioned way, “over beers and burning logs”. The owners James Barrington and Matt Davis have brought the tastes from their southern upbringing to Seattle, and we absolutely love them for it. Oh, and the full bar doesn’t skimp on whiskey, so don’t forget to wet your whistle while you’re here.

Where: 2513 S Jackson St

Otto’s Smokehouse


Located in Lake City, this smokehouse has perfected the Texas-style smoked meats that everyone loves. Dive into the sandwiches, sides, combo-dishes and more. Sure, the combos are meant to feed a few people, but if you’re anything like us, you’ll have the appetite of an entire family right when you walk through Otto’s doors.

Where: 12716 Lake City Way Ne

Bitterroot BBQ


Serving Northwestern BBQ in the heart of Ballard, this cozy spot pairs smoked meats with American craft beer and a bourbon selection that will make any palate happy. Bitterroot has all the goods, but we’ve got to recommend hitting up their extensive mac’n’cheese flavors for a truly unforgettable bite.

Where: 5239 Ballard Ave. NW

The Boars Nest


Southern staples, classic sodas, and old-fashioned brews are the name of the game at The Boars Nest. Every table is stocked with sauces inspired by BBQ flavors from around the country, so grab your palate a passport because you’re about to take a flavor trip.

Where: 2008 NW 56th St

Drunky’s Two Shoe BBQ


Feeling like combining Seattle BBQ with sustainability? Well then, Drunky’s Two Shoe BBQ is your spot. Not only does it have one of the best BBQ joint names we’ve heard, but it also takes pride in serving up organic, hormone-free meats from Oregon and Washington. Now that’s a BBQ we can get behind…and sit down at.

Where: 9655 16TH Ave SW

Pecos Pit BBQ


Since 1980, Peco’s has been serving up delicious BBQ to Seattleites and smoked-meat lovers from all over. This is a pretty well-known spot, but in case you haven’t been we’d say you better bring your appetite. Sliders, turkey legs, platters, pork butt (it doesn’t come from the butt, don’t worry) and more are all wood-smoked and delicious. Oh, and “the best potato salad ever” isn’t something we joke about, so make sure you get an order (or ten) of that too,

Where: 2260 1st Ave S

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Emma’s BBQ


Come hungry before visiting Emma’s BBQ, and maybe even wear your stretchy pants (points to anyone who gets that Nacho Libre reference). The restaurant may be quaint, but the serving sizes are no joke. The barbecue influence for this menu is shared with both Memphis and Arkansas and makes for quite the mix.

Where: 5303 Rainier Ave S

Kau Kau Barbeque Market


Chinese food on a BBQ list? You betcha, folks. This spot has been around for over 30 years, and although it doesn’t have much southern influence in its dishes, it’s impossible to leave off this list. Dine in, order out, stuff some in your pockets for later…there is no wrong way to indulge in the BBQ pork, duck and more at Kau Kau.

Where: 656 South King Street

RoRo BBQ & Grill

roro bbq seattle's best bbq

RoRo is a tiny roadhouse cafe with big taste and plenty of personality. It brings a unique smoky flavor that Seattle has grown to love oh-so-much, and we are huge fans. Tasty sauces, tons of sandwiches, and the type of hospitality that will take you straight down to the dirt roads of the south. Eat up, but don’t forget your Ps and Qs.

Where: 3620 Stone Way N

Honey Hole


Look, we know we’re a healthy city. But sometimes we Seattleites like to throw some carbs into the BBQ mix to fuel ourselves up. That could be the reason why The Honey Hole has become one of the city’s most beloved grub-hubs. Does it serve traditional BBQ platters? No. Does that disqualify The Honey Hole from being on a Seattle BBQ list? Absolutely not! Get your meat grilled, get it roasted, get it smoked, get it…vegetarian? Yup, The Honey Hole even has the veggie-lovers covered with an extensive meat-free lineup of sandwiches. Talk about BBQ for all!

Where: 703 E Pike St

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