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Earn your breakfast at the charity Brunch Run

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There are few things in the world that will make us run. Wolves, bears, mothers in law, and brunch. Lucky for us, the Brunch Run is coming back! Time to get our yearly exercise and daily brunch session in, all in one go.

Okay, don’t click away yet. You don’t have to run it. Feel free to walk, stroll, logroll, whatever makes you happy. However, the Brunch Run shouldn’t be something you miss.


It’s not only for the love of food, but it’s also for a good cause! The event supports Northwest Harvest, so you’re chowing down for a reason.

Cruise on a gorgeous 5 KM route through Magnuson Park. Then, once you’ve arrived at the end, there are 15 local restos ready to refill your tank.

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Of course, the hydration station will be complete with boozy brunch essentials. Do mimosas have electrolytes?

Since we’re going to be strolling right around Easter, there’ll be some fun Easter themed activities. A little birdie told us there’s an adult Easter egg hunt that might involve drink tokens.

We’re laced up, are you?


When: Sunday, April 21
Where: Magnuson Park Hangar 30,  6310 Northeast 74th St
Time: 9 AM- 12 PM
Cost: Early bird $40, Regular $50

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