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Do you like cheese and meat? There’s a festival for that

Via Cheese and Meat Festival on Facebook

If meat and cheese make up 90% of our diet, are we keto or are we just being vegetable avoiders? Maybe a bit of both. The Cheese and Meat Festival is coming to celebrate the cornerstones of nutrition.

Imagine this: you enter the festival. You’re given a charcuterie board to place your samples upon. Then, you roam. Samples of the finest salamis, brie, prosciutto, and mozzarella grace your mouth. Is “grace your mouth” weird? sorry, we tried to set a mood.

Also, there are drinks. After all, what would a food fest be without drinks? It would be boring, that’s what.

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OH, THERE’S MORE. The festival includes seminars focused on cheese, chocolate, and beer. Yeah, all the best things. Additionally, you can take a seminar on farm-to-table food if you want to sharpen your culinary knowledge.

If cheese, meat, chocolate, and beer can’t get you out, nothing can.


When: Saturday, April 20
Where: Block 41, 115 Bell St
Time: Two sessions, 12 PM & 4 PM
Cost: From $35, register here

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